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Distributor Business Opportunities

● Qualification Requirements

1. Honest, trustworthy and law-abiding limited liability companies, with no record of selling counterfeit and shoddy products, and have been operational for at least 2 years.

2. Teams with rich experience in marketing, installation and commissioning projection equipment for offices or education industry.

3. Willing to comply with Photool’s distributor requirements, relevant agreements and market price system.

4. Willing to sell Photool products as important offerings and promote Photool products with greatest possible efforts, while refraining from spreading false information.

5. Having favorable credit rating and strong financial resources.

● Application Process

1. Applicant may learn and understand about Photool products from various sources, and may call Photool   Vision at 400-838-0878 to request for Photool sales management policy.
2. The applicant shall fill in the application form on the website with correct and detailed information. Photool Vision shall perform a preliminary review and reply in 3 working days.
3. The applicant shall submit appropriate documents for qualification assessment, and Photool Vision shall conduct onsite inspection to evaluate the applicant.  
4. The applicant shall sign a formal agreement with Photool Vision. After the agreement takes effect, Photool Vision shall issue Authorized Distributor Certificate to the applicant. 

● Distribution Policies

1. Photool Vision implements the policy “1 region, 1 distributor” to protect distributors’ interests and strictly prohibits malicious competition and sales beyond agreed regions.
2. Standardized retail price and distribution policy are applied nationwide to provide an equal and fair plat-   form for all distributors.   
3. Photool Vision provides product and sales training programs to all distributors so that they can understand Photool product advantages and reduce business risk.  
5. Photool Vision shall offer comprehensive marketing support, build a unified brand image, and provide mar-keting collateral such as brochures, posters and gifts to distributors for market expansion.   
6. Photool Vision has established incentive mechanisms, and a communication platform for sharing success stories and exploring development direction. Photool Vision will reward top 3 distributors  annually by pro-viding price discount.

7. Photool Vision will punish distributors that violate distribution policies. In cases of severe violation, the con-cerned distributor will be disqualified.